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Our Team


Conrad Langier

Prior to focusing on residential real estate Conrad enjoyed a successful career in commercial real estate and attributes much of his residential real estate success to his application of principles learned in the commercial real estate industry.

Conrad is actively engaged in real estate investment, property management, construction, acquisition, and development in the Edmonton region with over $425 million dollars worth of transaction experience. All this experience gives him a different perspective in the residential real estate market allowing him to bring many unique negotiation and marketing strategies to his clients.

Logan Patterson

Logan Patterson has extensive experience in both the commercial and residential sides of Real Estate from property management to financial analysis. At present Logan currently holds both his commercial and Residential REALTOR® licenses.

Since graduating from the University of Alberta with a Bcomm & Real Estate Diploma Logan has worked for ONE Properties as a financial analyst primarily managing their developments throughout Edmonton while investing in residential real estate personally. Logan has purchased/brokered over 3 million in off market residential deals since 2017 as well as managed rezoning and permit applications for several infill projects.

Logan’s broad background in residential and commercial real estate provides a unique perspective on acquiring or selling residential real estate in Edmonton.

Logan Patterson

Our Vision

MyVicRealty has a vision of balance. Whether you’re selling your real estate, buying a house to live in or an investment property we believe in finding a real estate transaction that satisfies your requirements while also no. We want to ensure all our clients achieve their goals while making sure the decisions we make do not come back We want to ensure your real estate transaction has diversified upside in the actual transaction itself as well as positive long-term effects on your future financial situation.

Our vision is to ensure you’re not focusing too much on one aspect of the deal whether it’s a quick sale or your dream home but that you’re protecting the other aspects of that deal which might not seem as important in the moment. We want you to achieve your goal and our vision is to make sure all the t’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted on our way! It is in achieving this vision that we feel most qualified as Edmonton Real Estate Agents. We want to share our extensive knowledge of Real Estate acquisition and disposal in Edmonton to ensure you’re protecting yourself contractually and saving as much money as possible throughout the process.

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Who are we?


MyVicRealty stands for the idea that, if bought and sold properly, your next home purchase can be both a profitable investment and enjoyable living experience. We are an Edmonton Realtor service that understands owning real estate as an investment or for enjoyment are two sides of the same coin.

MyVicRealty is run by home owners and real estate investors with a knack for the Edmonton market. Check out our team here! We want to use our knowledge of home construction, renovation and the Edmonton Real Estate Market to help you sell high or buy low on your next real estate transaction! If you want to get to know us better reach out online or give us a call.

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