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Buying real estate in Edmonton is easier than it has been in the past. Currently Edmonton is a Buyers Market. This huge influx of product on the market has caused home prices to remained flat or even dropped in some parts of the city.

With that being said, Edmonton is experiencing a rebirth of buyer focus on many inner-city neighborhoods. There’s a new-found interest for buyers when it comes to areas like Parkview, Glenora, Holyrood, Inglewood and several more mature neighborhoods throughout the city. Much of this interest is due to Edmonton’s new LRT line. The city has also recently allowed for the splitting of large lots which has made new houses in neighborhoods like Glenora more affordable.

Edmonton now faces a very dynamic buyers market where there’s opportunity to find deals throughout the city for lower than normal but also a chance to purchase in higher quality areas with large lot sizes as the value of the land in these neighborhoods increases over time. This is a great time to buy if you’re looking for a beautiful home to grow equity in over time or for a shorter term hold! If you’d like to hear more about our investor purchasing strategies check out our investment page here. If you want to learn what our plan is to ensure you’re settling down into the perfect long-term home keep reading!


Our Home Acquisition Strategy

Finding the perfect home to suit your needs is not just about tours. Touring homes within your price budget and selected neighborhood will eventually get results, but will it be the most efficient? Or will your home shopping experience end with a choice made primarily out of exhaustion rather than the perfect fit?

MyVicRealty believes in preparation and a slow but steady attitude. Let’s first learn exactly what you want and then we can discuss what needs to happen for this to be achieved. At this point we’d be happy to begin searching the market for your perfect home, with the knowledge we all know exactly what you want! MyVicRealty want to ensure you’re not excluding opportunities or locations from your initial search criteria thanks to false information or uninformed assumptions.

Lets talk it through

Message or call us! Let’s get together for a quick coffee or just a phone call to discuss your home acquisition strategy or criteria! We can guarantee our experience and understanding of the Edmonton Real Estate® market will provide a value add to your real estate acquisition experience.

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