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Are you an experience Real Estate Investor?

Whether the answer is yes or no MyVicRealty is here to help. Every REALTORS® working on the MyVicRealty team is a real estate investor themselves. Long before either Logan or Conrad were REALTORS® they were purchasing properties. Both Logan and Conrad have led apartment renovations, House renovations, operated/owned cash flowing rental houses and worked on or ran infill and commercial development projects.

As fellow real estate investors we can guarantee both sound investment advice based on neighborhood sales comparable not speculation, knowledgeable contractual strategies and real cost consultation on project scopes. MyVicRealty is not a group of fulltime realtors who have perfected their pitch rather than their real estate knowledge but rather true members of the Edmonton real estate scene.

Working with MyVicRealty for either your current investment disposal or future acquisitions will provide a consultation advantage unique from our competitors.

Lets talk it through

If you’d like more information or have more questions please reach out to either Conrad or Logan as we are both happy to answer any questions you may have!

Phone: 780-902-1856

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