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Edmonton currently has more real estate for sale than real estate buyers – we’re unfortunately in a buyers market. As someone looking to sell this can be troublesome especially if a quick sale is required or you have a set price you would like to achieve. So what makes MyVicRealty different?

It’s in markets such as this that Real Estate Sellers must be very picky with their realtor. Right now your house will be competing with several others in your neighborhood and other neighborhoods similar to yours. This competition means you cannot hold back! Your realtors reluctance to answer a late night email or a rude response to a annoying seller may cost you another few months on market! MyVicRealty is a competitive real estate team employing only Real Estate professionals with substantial experience handling Real Estate transactions. We will not let your property go unsold due to poor negotiation skills or offensive sales tactics.

Lets talk it through

MyVicRealty is a team of real estate agents who have sold real estate personally and understand what it takes! MyVicRealty promises to uphold a level of quality and professionalism not many other realtors can promise. Not only are we planning to go all out in promoting your real estate, we’ll also be using the newest online marketing techniques and technology to not just track your properties activity but also improve the advertisements we run as time goes by.

MyVicRealty is here to serve you, if you’d like to find out more about the services we offer please reach out! We would be happy to give you a free home evaluation as well.

Phone: 780-902-1856

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